Fitness Tracker Vs. Android SmartWatch

If you do not want a gadget on both wrists (in my opinion it’s not the best), you want a smart watch that can perform multiple tasks as an exercise tracker, or any other gadget you can get. Most smart watches can track basic activities such as steps. However, you should pay attention to all additional functions.

For example, the Apple Watch Series 4 has GPS, so you can keep track of what you’re walking without the help of an additional device. It also has a heart rate sensor. In addition, the ECG feature allows you to generate PDF files based on your heart rate, which you can share with your doctor. Of course it is also the most expensive product on this list. Fitbit Ionic and Versa are more affordable, and feature fitness metrics that are more complex than most contests, but contain fewer third-party applications, so there are multiple commitments.

Take a close look and choose a watch that records the activity being monitored.

Cellular connectivity

Using cellular connections, you can make calls, send text messages, transfer music, download applications, and do other things that require an Internet connection without being connected to your phone. The Apple Watch Series 4 from Cellular has a premium of $ 100 over the standard version. You also have to pay for adding them to your phone package. Most operators charge an additional $ 10 per month.

If this convenience is right for you, it depends on what you plan to use your watch for. If you want to transfer music while you work out but leave your cell phone in the locker room or at home, cell phone calls can be helpful. However, if you always have a phone with you, you can save money and lose it.

Battery life

You do not want a smart watch with good battery life, right? Good, because you will not get it. Watches with colorful displays, such as smartphones, such as the Apple Watch and Wear watches, only last one day with a single charge. Like your cell phone, you want to put it in the charger every night before you go to bed. And most watches in this category show a dead screen after just a few seconds. To check the time, you must activate the screen with physical buttons or gestures, eg. By lifting it to your face.

In general, you get the best battery life with one of the Fitbit watches. It usually takes about four days to charge a fee. That is, you can put him to bed to control his sleep, which he can not do with a clock that has to be filled every night.

The smartwatch can be very expensive, but that does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money to be good. Yes, the Herm�s Apple Watch pottery definitely gets a lot of attention, but with $ 1,249 (and more) you can buy six Fitbit ceramics

Even the basic Series 3 model costs $ 279, making it one of the most expensive smart watch es we recommend. If you are a first time buyer of smartwatch products, you may want to consider a cheaper route if you do not use it too much.

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